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Now You See It, Now You Donít

January 3, 2007

Hi Jill,


I recently SEO-ed my site. Yahoo started re-indexing my website: they already showed 37 of the new links (internal URLs) within my site. This morning I had another look at these links within Yahoo and got an unpleasant surprise: they showed the links from the previous version of my site. Iím wondering if you have an explanation of why this happened.


Best wishes from the Netherlands.




++Jillís Response++


Hi Paul,


This is nothing to worry about.  The search engines are always switching between databases and you probably just saw an old version.  Anytime you do new things to your site, things wonít be stable for a couple of months.  I usually recommend not even checking things for a good 4-6 weeks after you make changes.  That way you can be pleasantly surprised at the results, as opposed to worrying that you did something wrong.


Itís very difficult to actually do something wrong, because there really is no right or wrong with this stuff as long as youíre not setting out to purposely trick the engines.