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Past High Rankings Advisor Newsletter Articles: 2013

The High Rankings Advisor has been in existence since 2002! Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about search marketing and SEO has probably been covered at some point. Search or browse through our past SEO articles here.

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HRA 369: Wrapping Up My SEO Career

After 18+ years of SEO consulting, Jill Whalen is moving on.

HRA 368: Random Website Marketing Thoughts

I've some random thoughts for you as the main article, as well as some big news that you'll find in the wrap-up.

HRA 367: How to Do SEO

Today, SEO is about knowing what your audience is searching for, but not necessarily the exact keywords. If this doesn't compute for you, I hope that today's article itself will make things clearer!

HRA 366: SEO and Site Architecture

Today's article is all about how you build out the global navigation on your website and how that can make or break your SEO.

HRA 365: Technical SEO

To continue with my "SEO Killers" series, today I explain why Google doesn't want to show sites that have lots of technical SEO issues, what some of those issues are, and how you can diagnose and fix them.

HRA 364: SEO Question Bonanza

It's time once again for one of my SEO Mailbag Bonanza issues.

HRA 363: Links You Place Yourself Aren't Links

You have lots of links, but they're generally links that you were able to easily get yourself. Read on to discover why those types of links are probably not helping.

HRA 362: Outdated Content Optimization

Today's HRA is all about how you can get your content and keywords up-to-date with the latest SEO techniques that will satisfy your users as well as Google!

HRA 361: SEO That Doesn't Work

Because it's a holiday week here in the U.S. and I'm guessing many of you are on vacation, I decided to rerun an article that you may have missed awhile back about SEO tactics that simply don't help.

HRA 360: Google Trust Factors

Today's HRA focuses on trust. And -- more important -- whether Google believes your website to be trustworthy or not.

HRA 359: How Do SEO and PPC Work Together?

Today's guest article by my friend and paid search expert Pauline Jakober explains how to use your PPC data to help with your SEO and vice-versa.

HRA 358: Social Media and SEO

I strongly feel that social media and SEO are no longer separate entities and are strongly intertwined. Read more about it in today's article.

HRA 357: SEO Tools and Extensions

Recently a news reporter asked me what online tools I use daily, so I made a list of them, and thought I'd share them all with you today.

HRA 356: Managing a Paid Search Manager

I have a nice guest post on "How to Manage a Paid Search Manager."

HRA 355: SEO Question Bonanza Issue

It's time once more for an SEO email Q&A bonanza issue of the High Rankings Advisor.

HRA 354: Interview With a B2B Web Marketer - Plus - Unfair Google Adwords Practices

Interview with Dianna Huff and more! -- Jill

HRA 353: Content Marketing Metrics

If you've been scrambling to create a content marketing strategy, my hope is that today's post will show you how you can easily measure the success of your efforts.

HRA 352: Adapt or Die

Today's article is based on some real-life shopping experiences I had last week. While it's not directly related to SEO or search marketing, I think the message applies to all businesses.

HRA 351: When Websites Don't Provide What They Say They Will

Continuing on with expanding on my 18 SEO Killers for 2013 and Beyond series, today I'm providing more information on the types of sites I dubbed Merry-Go-Round Sites back when the first Panda hit in 2011.

HRA 350: SEO Question Bonanza Issue

In this issue, Jill Whalen goes answers some of the SEO questions received over the past few weeks.

HRA 349: Google's Dislike of Footer Abuse

This week's newsletter discusses the variety of ways website owners have been penalized for abusing the footer area of their websites.

HRA 348: Jill's Most Popular SEO Articles of 2012

Today I'm recapping my best articles of 2012 for you in case you missed any or need a refresher. I've included two types of articles here: the most popular based on social media shares and mentions, and those that received a lot of organic search engine traffic.