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Past High Rankings Advisor Newsletter Articles: 2012

The High Rankings Advisor has been in existence since 2002! Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about search marketing and SEO has probably been covered at some point. Search or browse through our past SEO articles here.

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HRA 347: The Death of Automated Ranking Reports

For those of you who are addicted to your rankings reports (or who have clients or bosses who are), today's article, "Why Running Ranking Reports Is a Fool's Errand," is for you. Enjoy! – Jill

HRA 346: SEO for 2013 and Beyond - Duplicate Content and Google

In this issue of the High Rankings Advisor, Jill delves deeply into all facets of website duplicate content and how it can affect Google traffic.

HRA 345: 18 SEO Killers

This is the first in a series of articles that I'll be writing on the very important topic of where SEO is now and where it's heading for 2013 and beyond.

HRA 344: Improve Conversions Through Content

Today I have a guess article from Karon Thackston on improving website conversions.

HRA 343: Social Media Marketing

With today's post we diverge a bit from traditional SEO to talk about how to potentially market one's artwork through social media.

HRA 342: Personalized Search – Image Captions

In today's newsletter you'll learn about how personalized search makes rankings a non-issue, and also learn how to see if Google indexes your image captions.

HRA 341: Moving to WordPress

If you're thinking about redoing your tired old site and moving it to WordPress, but are afraid to lose everything you've gained so far, today's Q&A article is for you!

HRA 340: Measuring SEO Success

Today I have an article on some quick and easy ways you can measure the progress and success of your SEO via Google Analytics.

HRA 339: Matt Cutt's Revelation

Today we have an interview with Google's distinguished engineer (and web spam czar) Matt Cutts.

HRA 338: Low Quality Content Pages and SEO

You won't want to miss today's high-quality article on low-quality content. It's something that's been affecting quite a few websites that I've been reviewing--and not in a good way.

HRA 337: Do You Have Unnatural Links?

Before I get to the good stuff, could I trouble you to take 10 seconds out of your day to cast a vote for me in the Small Business Influencers Awards where I was nominated?

HRA 336: Lies That Shady SEO Companies Tell

Today I've got an article on how easy it is for unethical SEO companies to trick unsuspecting clients into thinking their brand of shady SEO is on the up-and-up.

HRA 335: Finding Long-Tail Keywords

Last week's article got such an enthusiastic response that I decided to do a follow-up with even more actionable SEO advice.

HRA 334: Dare to Be Different

To get ahead in Google, you have to dare to be different. Today's posts will give you some ideas of how to do that!

HRA 333: SEO Mistakes

Today's issue is mainly about SEO mistakes and how you can avoid them.

HRA 332: Google AdWords Interview

I've put together an interview with my PPC go-to person, Pauline Jakober, for today's feature article.

HRA 331: Common SEO Questions and Answers

Today, Jill answers SEO questions that she found in her Google Analytics using an Advanced Segment found at Custom Report Sharing.

HRA 330: Website Marketing Strategies

I've been busy trying to market the new website I mentioned last time (Custom Report Sharing). It's rare that I start from scratch with a new site, so I'm learning new things every day. Today, you are the lucky beneficiary of what I've learned so far.

HRA 329: The Dreaded (Not Provided) Keywords

Today's post is about an important SEO issue affecting anyone who reviews and uses their keyword data to take action on their website, so please read on… - Jill

HRA 328: Email Marketing

Today I have a guest article from Internet Marketing Consultant Matthew Coers about email marketing.

HRA 327: The Benefits of Giving

Today's article is a little bit different as it is a bit more of an inspirational article than an SEO tactic one.

HRA 326: Content Marketing Funnels

Today I have a guest post on a very important online marketing topic from my good friend Karon Thackston.

HRA 325: Looking for Blog Post Ideas?

I hope today's post provides you with some ideas for what to write in your blog when you're stuck.

HRA 324: SEO Q&A Lightning Round!

I wasn't sure what to write about today, so I went to my Twitter followers for inspiration.

HRA 323: Rel=Author

Today I've got an article on why you need to do whatever it takes to get your content into Google's Authorship program.