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Past High Rankings Advisor Newsletter Articles: 2011

The High Rankings Advisor has been in existence since 2002! Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about search marketing and SEO has probably been covered at some point. Search or browse through our past SEO articles here.

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HRA 322: Best of 2011 SEO Articles

Rather than writing an article or answering any SEO questions this week, I'm going to simply point out the most popular High Rankings SEO articles from this past year.

HRA 321: SEO Q&A Bonanza

It's time once again for my SEO Q&A Bonanza issue of the High Rankings Advisor.

HRA 320: SEO Questions For a New Client

Today's article came from a question I received yesterday, asking what questions I ask new SEO customers and why. While it was an easy one for me to write, it's got a lot of valuable information for anyone who is fairly new to the SEO business.

HRA 319: Meta Description Tags

Today's article is a complete rewrite of my Meta description article from 2004. It should help everyone understand how the Meta description tag is used today and why it's important to use it.

HRA 318: Social Media Marketing Confusion

Many people and businesses are confused by what to do with social media. Today's article was written to put an end to some of that confusion.

HRA 317: Are You Limiting Your Goals?

Today's article is one giant comparison between a health and exercise regimen and an SEO program. If you can't imagine how I could manage to make such an analogy, then you simply MUST read on :D

HRA 316: SEO in All the Right Places (or not?)

Today's article discusses how SEO in all the right places just doesn't work anymore.

HRA 315: SEO Question and Answers

Welcome to this SEO Q&A Bonanza issue of the High Rankings Advisor!

HRA 314: Deceptive Marketing

Hey everyone! I've had to deal with earthquakes and hurricanes since the last newsletter, but nothing will stop me from getting you your HRA Newsletter! (Since today's issue deals with honesty, I have to tell you that I didn't actually feel the earthquake, nor did I lose even a minute of electricity from "Irene" – but it sounded good :)

HRA 313: Optimizing Content

I've got a guest article for you today from my good friend, Karon Thackston. She's got some tips and tricks for you on how to optimize your web copy when you can't (for whatever reason) use keywords.

HRA 312: Website Conversions

If you've been wondering how to make more website conversions, I think you'll like today's article.

HRA 311: Newbie SEO Questions

Remember when you first heard about SEO and were trying to figure out how to apply it to your site? Or perhaps you're still at that stage. Either way, I hope you like today's article, which is in response to a business owner in just that predicament.

HRA 310: Using Blog Categories and Tags

Hey everyone! I got off easy this week as I tricked my friend Dianna Huff into writing this week's search marketing article. Okay, I didn't really trick her. In fact, she volunteered willingly.

HRA 309: Choosing Keyword Phrases

This back to basics article is a follow-up to the research keyword piece I wrote at the end of last year, and provides 14 steps on how to choose your SEO keyword phrases.

HRA 308: Silly SEO Stupidity

After two recent SEO questions that made me want to scream, I decided to have a little rant today.

HRA 307: Search Marketing Question and Answer Bonanza

I've answered a lot of search marketing questions by email over the past few weeks, so I thought it was time for another Q&A email bonanza issue of the HRA newsletter.

HRA 306: Ways to Use Twitter

Still trying to figure out how to use Twitter? You may find some ways you hadn't thought of in today's article.

HRA 305 - Google Spam Update

I've got a follow up article for you regarding Google and their spam problem.

HRA 304: Local Search and the Value of SEO

Today I've answered two separate questions from the same person who's just started to learn SEO, which I think you'll find interesting.

HRA 303: Useless SEO Tactics

Many people believe they've got a good start with SEO. It's worrisome when they explain to me how they've implemented a number of SEO tactics on their sites, but when I start to review them I see no evidence of it! Unfortunately, this is the plague of our industry, with many charlatans touting and teaching outdated and simply out-and-out wrong SEO strategies.

HRA 302: SEO and Flash

Today's article is something you should certainly understand if you have clients who have or who want a Flash website.

HRA 301: Farm Aid From Jill Whalen

The purpose of today's article is to provide some initial insights into the changes made by Google via the "Farmer Update."

HRA 300: Whoohoo the 300th Issue!

This is the 300th issue of the High Rankings Advisor Newsletter! The very first issue was nearly 9 years ago.

HRA 299: Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam!

I'm still on my search engine spam kick, and likely will be for a while. This is an important issue for all of us, so pay attention!

HRA 298: The Google Sucks Edition

Yep, it's time yet again for another Google rant. Sometimes I just can't help myself.

HRA 297: Website Redesign Impact on SEO

Today's article should come in handy if one of your new year's resolutions is to redesign your haggard ole website.