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Past High Rankings Advisor Newsletter Articles: 2007

The High Rankings Advisor has been in existence since 2002! Anything and everything you ever wanted to know about search marketing and SEO has probably been covered at some point. Search or browse through our past SEO articles here.

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High Rankings Advisor 220

This may very well be the last text-only version of the High Rankings newsletter. The new site is minutes away (well, maybe days) from launching, and we are extremely excited! So if you originally signed up for an HTML version, you should most likely be receiving that one next time. Don't worry, if you prefer plain text, you'll be able to continue to receive the newsletter in that format. If you're interested in what the new site looks like, keep checking back over the next few days to see if it's up.

High Rankings Advisor 219

I've got some good info on when the search engines show your Meta description information and when they don't, as well as lots of other announcements in the "Stuff You Might Like" section.

High Rankings Advisor 218

Hey everyone! Today I’ve got an article about changing your URLs as well as an awesome review on the new membership site, Market Motive.

High Rankings Advisor 217

Hey everyone! Got some diverse Q&A for you today, so let's get straight to it.

High Rankings Advisor 216

Last week’s newsletter article on Google’s Paid Links Smackdown sure caused a fury. Some people were wondering why I was making an example of my friends at Search Engine Guide in the article.

High Rankings Advisor 215

Hey guys! I was writing a completely different newsletter today when I noticed the buzz in the SEO blogosphere regarding lots of sites losing some Google toolbar PageRank. I decided to put my other article on hold and comment on this hot topic instead. Enjoy! - Jill

High Rankings Advisor 214

Hi everyone! Whether you’re an in-house search marketer, an individual consultant, or someone working for an agency, I think you’ll enjoy today’s interview with Danny Sullivan.

High Rankings Advisor 213

Hey everyone! It's time once again for a High Rankings Advisor mailbag bonanza issue! If you're a new subscriber, the mailbag bonanza issues are when I sift through the emails I've received over the past few weeks and post the questions and answers that I feel will be most valuable to you. So let's get straight to it! - Jill

High Rankings Advisor 212

Hey everyone! I've got another packed issue for you today. A few Q&A posts, plus our review of the Google Analytics training series that I promised you last time. There's also a great forum thread of the week, so be sure to scroll all the way down. Let's get straight to the good stuff! -Jill

High Rankings Advisor 211

Got a full issue for you today. There's a quick question about PDFs, the second half of Karon's copywriting makeover, and a few additional goodies, including a free pass giveaway to SMX. Enjoy! - Jill

High Rankings Advisor 210

I know how much you enjoy Karon’s copywriting makeovers, so today we have Part 1 of “It’s What You Say AND How You Say It.” Look for Part 2 in a few weeks.

High Rankings Advisor 209

I'm back from vacation and the conference and raring to go. Today's article is an updated version of one I wrote back in 2004 on the art of SEO. I recently reviewed it and was surprised at how accurate it still is today. I figured there are many of you on the list who never read it the first time around, and for those who did, you've probably forgotten it by now.

High Rankings Advisor 208

Hi from Honolulu! As promised, I've got Pauline's interview with Andrew Goodman for you this week. To go along with it, Andrew's colleague at Page Zero Media, Mona Elesseily, has generously offered us 2 free copies of her new report, "Mastering Panama: A Special Report on Yahoo!’s New Search Marketing Platform." You'll find the details in the "Stuff You Might Like" section of this newsletter.

High Rankings Advisor 207

Hey everyone! I've got a fairly long review of Danny Sullivan's new Sphinn site that I hope is helpful to you.

High Rankings Advisor 206

I know I said I wasn’t going to do a newsletter this week, but Pauline ended up scoring an interview with Seth Godin regarding the “Squidoo Slap” in Google, and we wanted to get it published ASAP since it’s timely material.

High Rankings Advisor 205

Hey everyone! It's been an interesting couple of weeks since the last newsletter. The synopsis I wrote of Google Engineer Dan Crow's presentation at the last SEMNE meeting in Rhode Island caused quite a stir in the search marketing world.

High Rankings Advisor 204

Between the High Rankings Seminar and then the July 4th holiday, it's been a few weeks since the last newsletter...did you miss me?

High Rankings Advisor 203

Last chance to register for the High Rankings Seminar next week in Denver, CO. We'll be there Thursday and Friday at the Qwest Learning Center (Lakewood). There's still some room left, so if you are in the area or if you think you can get away at the last minute, we'd love to see you there!

High Rankings Advisor 202

Greetings from Toronto! I'm still at the Search Engine Strategies conference, but didn't want to skip the newsletter this week as I have a great interview from High Rankings Marketing Director Pauline Kerbici with Jennifer Laycock, Editor at Search Engine Guide. It's definitely an interview you don't want to miss!

High Rankings Advisor 201

I’m working on this one from an airplane on my way home from Danny’s SMX Advanced. I wasn’t sure how I was going to get this done with everything else going on, but this is when it pays to have prolific friends! I’ve got 2 guest articles — both about keywords! Karon’s article explains the best use of keyword phrases, and Lorelle’s covers keyword research for PPC.

High Rankings Advisor 200

Just got the word from our seminar event planner that based on the success of our last non-profit giveaway, we're able to offer 2 free passes to the High Rankings Search Marketing Seminar in Denver on June 28-29 to a couple of deserving non-profit organizations!

High Rankings Advisor 199

Can you believe the next newsletter is the 200th issue of the High Rankings Advisor? Sounds like a good excuse to go out for some drinks (not that I need any excuse!).

High Rankings Advisor 198

Things are falling into place for the High Rankings Seminar in Denver on June 28-29. I mentioned last week that Jennifer Laycock has agreed to join our merry band of SEO/SEM presenters, and we've also added Mike Churchill, Chief Technical Officer at KeyRelevance, to the agenda. At KeyRelevance, Mike's main focus areas are Web analytics, conversion tracking, and enhancement. He has a unique blend of technical know-how and marketing savvy. Mike will be sharing his knowledge on Day 1 of the seminar during his presentation on Web analytics.

High Rankings Advisor 197

Just a quick note to let you know we've added Jennifer Laycock from Search Engine Guide to our all-star line-up of speakers for the High Rankings Search Marketing Seminar on June 28-29 in Denver. Jen will be speaking on social media as well as viral marketing.

High Rankings Advisor 196

I've got a quick forum newsletter today. Just a new poll question and a bunch of forum threads for your reading pleasure.

High Rankings Advisor 195

I have 2 quick announcements today, and then on to the good stuff…

High Rankings Advisor 194

Quick announcement, and then I’ll get straight to the good stuff.

High Rankings Advisor 193

Back from Minnesota after an awesome High Rankings seminar. It was by far the largest group we’ve had in awhile and definitely one of the nicest as well!

High Rankings Advisor 192

Last night's SEMNE networking event surpassed all our expectations and we were psyched!

High Rankings Advisor 191

Only a Few Weeks Till the High Rankings Seminar! The High Rankings Seminar in Minneapolis on March 15-16 is fast approaching and seats are filling up fast. We knew this would be a popular location, so we’ve made sure that we can accommodate slightly more than usual.

High Rankings Advisor 190

I've got a quickie forum-update newsletter for you let's get straight to it!

High Rankings Advisor 189

Hey everyone! Good news for you procrastinators out there. We’ve decided to extend the $200 early-bird savings for the High Rankings Search Marketing Seminar in Minneapolis until Feb. 22nd.

High Rankings Advisor 187

The High Rankings Search Marketing Seminar is right around the corner. Learn why you should attend!

High Rankings Advisor 186

Hey everyone! I’ve got 2 interesting articles for you today.

High Rankings Advisor 185

I've got a full issue for you today, so let's get straight to it. - Jill