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The High Rankings Advisor is an informative and witty, free email newsletter / blog written by Jill Whalen. Jill keeps no secrets when it comes to search marketing and optimizing sites for high rankings. If you read each post from the SEO newsletters and follow through with Jill's advice, you will see your search engine traffic and conversions soar just like many readers before you.

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HRA 369: Wrapping Up My SEO Career

After 18+ years of SEO consulting, Jill Whalen is moving on.

HRA 368: Random Website Marketing Thoughts

I've some random thoughts for you as the main article, as well as some big news that you'll find in the wrap-up.

HRA 367: How to Do SEO

Today, SEO is about knowing what your audience is searching for, but not necessarily the exact keywords. If this doesn't compute for you, I hope that today's article itself will make things clearer!

HRA 366: SEO and Site Architecture

Today's article is all about how you build out the global navigation on your website and how that can make or break your SEO.