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SEO Website Audit

New Sherpa Search Marketing Guide

September 27, 2006

Are your search marketing results as good as they should be? Get the most
up-to-date tactics you should consider to improve your ROI for 2007.

Find out how to:

- Budget more accurately for the coming year
- Defend your search marketing plans to the boss (or to clients if you're an
- Compare your results to the norm, including clicks, conversions, and costs

- Determine which SEM tests you should try to improve results -- and which
tests to avoid
- Train new staff more easily on what's proven to work in SEM.

Get the 239-page report (PDF + print copy) packed with 18 full-color
eyetracking "heatmaps," charts, tables, and analysis you can use right now.

For more info, visit: <>.

Also, here's a link to the Executive Summary for the report.
I found it very enlightening!