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Meta Keywords and Descriptions

May 22, 2007

Hi Jill


I just subscribed to your newsletter this year, and have found it to be
extremely useful and interesting to read.


My understanding is, if you have Meta tags with keywords and descriptions,
this should also be reflected in your actual page content. But what if you
have an ecommerce site and a homepage that displays mostly products and very
short descriptions, and a menu with category names, etc.? In other words,
not so much space for text “blocks.” With most ecommerce sites, you don’t
have a lot of text on the homepage (unless perhaps you have a small news
section), and products with some images are the main “content” on the


How do you then, on your homepage, have a visible written description
matching what you would say in your meta tag description. Most meta tag
analysis tools would say the relevancy is poor.


Does this really matter for getting picked up by search engines? Obviously
individual product pages have more content / description of the product and
may get picked up, but I’d think you’d also want your homepage getting
picked up by search engines?





PS: Congrats on the mention in MarketingSherpa. I was pleased that I was
already a subscriber to your newsletter and onto something good!

++Jill’s Response++


Hi Jasmine,


First off, don’t worry about the Meta keywords and descriptions; they don’t
need to use the same words you have on your page. Generally your
description would be similar, but if it’s not, it’s not a problem.


That said, you very much DO need to be concerned about the content on all
your pages. All pages can and should have content that describes what
they’re all about. How will the people who come to your pages know what
they are, if they’re all graphical? There are tons of ways of adding great
content that describes exactly what you offer that won’t ruin your design.


You may want to read Karon Thackston’s copywriting articles from our previous
newsletters to get you started and also the copywriting articles on her site.


Hope this helps!



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 julia said:
Comment @ 10/04/07 at 3:48 am Hi! I deal with the site that has a home page which is all graghics. Nevetheless,it’s not a problem to specify its main contents and the services suggested. Still, there’s a question. What should I do to optimize such page to improve the whole site’s rankings and attract more traffic ?