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Mentor-Me-Meg Social Media Experiment

July 25, 2007

To go along with our blogging theme today, I wanted to point out something that my sister Beth, CEO of Nobscot Corporation, is doing that I think is pretty cool. On her blog, she has told the world that she is on a mission to convince Meg Whitman, CEO of eBay, to mentor her!

She’s listed the various things she’s tried and is planning to try, and then in a few subsequent posts she has some updates as to how it’s going (including what’s in it for a mentor).


My purpose in mentioning it here is twofold. First, I think it’s a cool publicity stunt which she may be able to gain some press and business (and links) out of, especially if it works! And second, I thought that perhaps one of you 25,000 subscribers of this newsletter might actually know Meg Whitman or know someone who does. If so, please email me and I’ll pass it on to Beth!