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Market Motive Online Marketing Membership Site

November 28, 2007

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Market Motive is a new, subscription-based website which brings together
some of the top minds in the Internet marketing world to teach you SEO, Web
analytics, PPC, social media, online publicity, and more.  It was founded by
Web analytics pioneers Michael Stebbins  and John Marshall, both formerly
from ClickTracks, as well as Avinash Kaushik, a web analytics guru and
author of ďWeb Analytics: An Hour A Day.Ē Their goal is to provide their
members with advice, tutorials, and how-toís in order to gain a competitive
advantage through online marketing.


To reach that goal, Market Motive has assembled a dream-team faculty which
includes some of the most well known and experienced Internet marketing
minds: Todd Malicoat (Stuntdbl), an SEO and link-building consultant; Greg
Jarboe and Jamie OíDonnell (SEO-PR), pioneers and leading authorities on
online publicity; Bryan Eisenberg (Future Now), a leading expert on online
marketing and conversion optimization; Matt Bailey (Site Logic), a social
media and analytics expert; and Alan Rimm Kaufmann (Rimm Kaufmann Group), a
leading authority on PPC.


As a Market Motive subscriber, these experts are fully at your disposal via
fresh training videos, conference calls and lively Q&A discussions.


The self-guided teaching section of the site is divided into two main areas:
knowledge and discussion. The knowledge area contains curricula for a
variety of Internet marketing disciplines including SEO, paid search, web
analytics, social media, conversion optimization, and online publicity. Each
disciplineís curriculum is broken down into a variety of sub-topics that,
when combined, give you the big picture. Each curriculum contains training
videos that are uploaded on a frequent basis as well as occasional
conference calls that you can attend and participate in. So far, Iíve
participated in two conference calls and really liked that questions were
answered in real-time.


The videos are great and they give you insights that you canít find anywhere
else ó straight from industry experts. I particularly find real-world
examples and application of principles very helpful when applied to real
websites and situations. Generic videos and information can be found in many
other places online, but itís rare to have so many experts providing unique,
custom insights with how-to examples all in one place, which really makes
this site stand out.


In the discussion area, you can post questions for the experts to answer and
provide personalized help. Iíve not seen anywhere else you can get this type
of help for a variety of different business problems all in one place. This
area is where the site truly shines, as it creates a great interaction
between the members and the faculty. I have already had some good
discussions with the faculty and they have always replied to me in a timely


With all that said, Market Motive is a members-only site, and at $299 per
month it is not cheap. For a business, $299/month isnít a huge expense;
however, for an individual or solo entrepreneur, the membership fee isnít
exactly pocket change.  If I were on my own, I would have a hard time coming
up with $299/month to join, even though I see the value of it. However,
anyone or any business that wants to gain invaluable knowledge about their
websiteís traffic, conversion, search ranking, profitability, etc., should
really consider a membership. Thereís so much more here than you get at the
cheaper members-only websites.


My first reaction upon navigating the site was that itís like an Internet
marketing college with highly respected and trusted experts teaching. That
in and of itself is why I feel that the $299 can be justified to just about
anyone in any business setting. Being able to tap the minds of experts who
have years of battle-tested experience is worth a lot more than $299 per
month when you think about the return on investment you will receive when
your new-found knowledge is put into action on your own site or those of
your clients.


I have truly enjoyed the site thus far, and feel that it is extremely
worthwhile to any Internet Marketer. The company is just starting out, and
Iím sure they have only scratched the surface of where they plan to go with
it. I truly think that people will benefit immensely from the knowledge and
insight that can be gained by joining this site.


In fact, Iím off to watch some videos on Internal Site Search Analysis!


[Jillís comments (updated 2/7/2008): When I sent this review to Marketing Motive to make sure we were accurately depicting their membership site, Michael Stebbins
generously offered $200 off the first monthís subscription all High Rankings subscribers!  Simply use the discount code of 
MM5HRAJ200F when you sign up and $200 will be deducted during the checkout process. 


That makes your first month only $99 so that you can
thoroughly review it and make sure what they offer is what youíre interested
in.  (I think even our reviewer would be willing to pay that much ;)

Hereís our affiliate link to learn more or sign up.


Let us know how you like it! - Jill ]