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London Seminar?

January 3, 2007

Dear Jill,


I read your newsletters religiously and value what you have to say about the great world of SEO.


I notice you also hold a lot of seminars which would be incredibly beneficial to someone in my position.  I also notice that all your seminars are held in America.


Being a full-time Mum that works from home (and lives in England) I have no chance in hell of getting to America at any point in the future.  Please, have you considered holding seminars abroad (e.g. London) for foreign SEO wannabes like myself?  And if so, when’s the next one?


Please advise.

Many thanks and keep up the good work.  :)


Debbie H.


++Jill’s Response++


Hi Debbie,


You must have missed the past few newsletters where I announced that we would indeed be traveling to London at some point with the High Rankings seminar.  We don’t have a date or venue secured yet, but my event planner extraordinaire, Lee, has been working diligently on it.  Right now, we’re looking at Sept. 2007.


For anyone interested in attending a London High Rankings seminar, we’d really appreciate it if you would take our quick survey to help us serve you as best as we can. Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey here.



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 Ray Cobb said:
Comment @ 01/04/07 at 2:31 am

Dear Jill

As an avid recipient of your SEO news I would welcome the opportunity to attend an event in London.

I think that one of my concerns is to ensure that we maximise SEO taking into account the need to be DDA compliant. I recently read that a very small proportion of sites take into account any disabilities.

Therefore I would welcome any thoughts that you might have on this subject.

Kind regards

 Trevor Locke said:
Comment @ 01/04/07 at 5:18 am

London seems like an obvious place to hold a seminar in the UK: here are the DISadvantages:

most seminars commence at 9.30 am - getting to London terminii by this time involves premium rate rail fares. By car, central London requires congestion charges and parking is awesomely expensive. To avoid central London, seminars need to move quite some distance out of London but then public transport becomes more difficult and premium rate fares still apply.

Moving the seminar to a more central UK location would cut travel costs, cost less in venue and hotel hire, and avoid premium rate fares. More people would attend.

It is simply not true that most SEOs and web designers are based in London. They are well spread over the UK.

The UK benefits from Universities with really good professional conference facilities and high standards of residential accommodation. Ease of travel and onsite car parking make UK Universities outside of London the venues of choice for many national seminars. All are well equipped with AV and broadband connectivity.
 Jill said:
Comment @ 01/04/07 at 7:55 am  

I think that one of my concerns is to ensure that we maximise SEO taking into account the need to be DDA compliant.

Hi Ray,

It’s great to make your site DDA compliant, but it’s won’t have any affect on your SEO, assuming that you don’t currently have anything blocking the spiders.

It’s a good thing to do though, so carry on!
 Jill said:
Trevor, thanks for the tips! I’ll pass them along to my event planner.
 Will Critchlow said:
Comment @ 01/08/07 at 9:01 am

Hi Jill,

We’d love to see you over here in London. We run seminars on similar topics but my feeling is that the more opportunities and resources there are, the more we will all benefit. The bigger we can make the cake, the better we’ll all do.

Good luck!

 Rachel said:
I agree with Trevor - Birmingham seems to better choice to me - more accessible. look forward to a seminar being hosted there, if not this time around then in the near future - please?!