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Do you do keyword research for...? Twitter Question of the Week

July 22, 2009

The Twitter question for this week was:

Do you research keywords before writing a blog post or article?

@erichollebone: "We pull from an ever updating internal list of KW and ask the blogger to use 5–10 per post."

@RyanJones: "Sometimes...if it's a post I'm writing and trying to rank for something."

@ulstrup: "Absolutely (exceptions are requests from stubborn customers)." 

@nickihicks: "It's ironic you asked that – I'm doing it as we speak. But typically I don't do it for every single post."

@nickusborne: "Sometimes."

@craiglparker: "Depends on the importance and industry of the post. I would say I do research 60% of the time."

@johnnyt: "Yes; keyword research at least for what anchor text I use when including targeted links within a post as well."

@footinmouth: "That's a great idea, and obviously from my surprise, I don't at this time...but I think I'll try that next time!"

@JakePM: "No, do not use research tools. HOWEVER, keywords in title of post are extremely important for long term search results."

@aaranged: "Even if it's just a quick look on G. Insights for search, I always do KW research for blogs, articles."

My answer is typically no. I have rarely researched keywords for any newsletter article or column I've written as it seems like that would somehow make it contrived. That said, maybe I'll start doing it a bit for a few months and let you know how it goes!

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 Drew Stauffer said:
I'll try and do a quick search. A lot of times its just something simple.

For example if I'm writing an article on copywriting tips. A quick look at Wordtracker gives me a few gems that says "creative copywriting" is going to give me a little more juice. So I'll adjust my title and a few references in the article and I'll be on my way.

Nothing major, but it can give my article a slightly better chance to rank.
 Cast a Wide Net said:
No. For the client I write articles for, we're usually focused on response to a media incident in a completely reader-centric fashion. It's such a niche market and the articles are meant to cast a wide net, draw NEW people for whome we don't already draw through our SEO'd for proven KWs website. And it does perform that function. But that's the luxury of a blog that's not the moneymaker out of the web portfolio and isn't expected to be.
 franklin said:
I have not think this question before,and maybe do a research about it could make your blog have advantage, right?