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SEO Website Audit

Keywords in URLs

August 2, 2006
Hi Jill,

Do you know if repeating keywords in the URL will help increase rankings
within search engine results? If so does it have a big impact?

It's just that we are in the process of rebuilding the website and many of
the URL links are in a code and don't use terms like products, brands,
processes, etc.



++Jill's Response++

Hi John,

Some people think it makes a difference; however, I'm not one of them.  I
rarely create URLs that have keywords in them and my sites always do well in
the search engines.

It's especially important to note that you shouldn't go changing your URLs
unless you have to, especially if you're only doing it for the sake of
keywords. If you do, I can pretty much guarantee that you'll be sorely
disappointed.  See my previous post on changing URLs.