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Overture’s Keyword Selection Tool

December 13, 2006

Hi Jill,


I just finished your latest newsletter….great stuff, thanks.


I have been using Overture’s “Keyword Selection Tool” for a long time.
Lately I have experienced problems with it.  It may work for one or two
searches but then I get “time-out” error messages.  Sometimes it will not
work at all.


Any suggestions?


Best Regards,


Dave P


++Jill’s Response++


Hi Dave,


The Overture keyword tool is an awful tool to use anyway, as it provides
bad, inaccurate results. Stop using it NOW!  This is a good time to switch
to a real tool such as KeywordDiscovery or Wordtracker.

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 Phil EH said:
It’s important to use more than 1 source for keywords as well as your server logs and a bit of common sense. It is nice to cross check results from both WT and KWD since they sometimes vary widely. Take an average of the two and compare to your server logs. If a term is reported to be highly searched for and your siet ranks well for the term then you’d expect to see a fair number for that phrase in your server logs. If not, then the term may be over rated by the keyword research tools. It still may be a useful term, but not necessarilly as important as the tools might make it seem.
 Jill said:
Yep, good advice, Phil. It’s also good to compare with your Google AdWords impressions.