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SEO Website Audit

High Rankings Advisor: SEO FAQ 3 - Issue No. 132

February 23, 2005

---->   Submitting to Search Engines
---->   Can I Automate Link Building?
---->   Multiple Keyword-rich Domains

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---->   PPC Campaign Strategy Refinement

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---->   Is Google Just Ensuring Its Revenue Stream?

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~~~Introductory Comments~~~

Hey everyone! I'm just back from vacation and getting ready for the
SES NYC next week, so let's get straight to the good stuff. - Jill

~~~SEO Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)~~~

++Submitting to Search Engines++

Q. I submitted my site [manually] [automatically] [last week] [last
month] [3 days ago] and it's not showing up in any of the search
engines.  Have I been penalized/banned?

Jill:  If the site you submitted doesn't have any deceptive qualities,
then no, you're not banned or penalized.  However, all the submissions
in the world won't get your site listed or bring search engine traffic
if there aren't links pointing to it from other sites -- and if it's
not optimized for specific keyword phrases.  As I've mentioned
elsewhere </issue127.htm#seo>, submitting
to search engines is not necessary nor even helpful.  The search
engines automatically find new pages on their own.

As with everything SEO related, the keys here are patience and time.
If you don't have both of those, you might as well get out of the SEO
game right now and simply buy your way into the search engines through
PPC ads.

++Can I Automate Link Building?++

Q. Link building is hard and I don't like it.  I send out tons of
emails requesting reciprocal links, but barely get any responses.  How
can I automate the process?

Jill: You can create something so great and wonderfully unique that
people naturally link to it. This won't happen overnight, and of
course there will be lots of hard work to get to that point and to
keep it up, but at least you won't have to worry about link building.
(See my site for an example of this at work.  I've never once asked
for a link, nor do I ever plan to.)

I would highly suggest some means of constantly adding information to
your site, such as through a weekly or monthly newsletter, a
frequently updated blog, or articles that relate to the
products/services you provide.  Because even if you do have a
completely unique and great site, you still need a means of letting
others know this.

++Multiple Keyword-rich Domains++

Q.  The guy who fixed my roof told me to purchase a minimum of 10
keyword-rich domains for various aspects of my business.  What's the
best use of these for search engine optimization purposes?

Jill:  Unfortunately, there's no good use for those when it comes to
the search engines.  If you try to gain an unfair advantage in the
engines by blanketing them with lots of different sites, you will then
be into that "deceptive" territory I'm always talking about.

In my opinion, your best bet is to simply park them all at one domain,
and then forward the whole lot via a permanent 301-redirect to your
main site, while telling your roofer to stick to roofing. ;-) (See
"How To Redirect Multiple Parked Domains"

The only other viable option for the domains would be to truly build
completely different sites at some of the domains.  There's nothing
wrong with having a few sites, but they really should each provide
different info in order for them to be effective.  Just remember that
keeping and maintaining many sites is a lot more work than just having
one site that is the best it can be!

(P.S. If anyone would like to republish the above Q&A article, please
email me your request and where it will reside, and I'll send you a
short bio you can use with it for your site.)

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~~~Guest Article~~~

++PPC Campaign Strategy Refinement++

Here's the fifth installment in Amy Edelstein's interview with PPC
guru Kevin Lee.  One more installment to go. - Jill

Q=Question, KL=Kevin Lee

Eliminating Time-intensive Analysis

Q: I was interested when you said that you built your platform both to
test and to offer solutions. Can you unpack that and explain a little
more how that works?

KL: Sure. At, we look at paid search based on that
closed-feedback loop we spoke about earlier. Meaning, what you bid for
keywords is going to be directly dependent on how well they are going
to work for you. And how well they work for you is going to directly
influence what you can afford to bid.

It's not a Catch-22; it's really an iterative process. When we looked
at landing-page testing from that perspective, we felt that really
what we want is not just to find the best landing page but as soon as
we find it we want to change our campaign strategies, our bidding
strategies, and our other campaign strategies around that winner. We
don't just want the answer to the question "What is working best?"; we
want to use that answer to change what we do. And we want this process
to be fairly automated. We don't want to wait until the analyst has a
chance to pull the report, and do a regression and decide, "Wow, I
think I have the winner!" As soon as we have statistically valid data
that indicates that there's a winner, we want the system to raise its
hand and say, "We have a winner! We're going to use this winner and
we're going to change our strategy to reflect this."

Q: That's going to prove to be more and more useful as the testing
gets more sophisticated and refined.

KL: The other aspect to our approach is that sometimes we see what we
call an interaction effect between the frontend creative and the
backend creative. In other words, it's not just the landing page on
its own that produces results. It's what you say in the copy and how
that relates to what you say on the landing page. Is there a payoff
between what you say in the creative and what you say on the landing
page? We call that particular kind of testing "coupling." In other
words, we test for the strength of relationship between the keyword
creative and the landing page. We look at what's happening on the
front part of the equation, which is
keyword-engine-price-position-creative in relation to what's happening
on the backend, which is landing page-shopping cart-email newsletter
registration and all that good stuff that can happen on the backend.
We run tests to look at both the frontend and backend variables and
then pick the best combination.

Say it was creative #3 on the frontend, with creative #F on the
backend that was the winning combination. That might have meant that
there were A-B-C-D-E on the backend that didn't do quite as well in
relationship to 1-2-3 on the frontend. I don't know if that hurts your
brain, it kind of hurts mine.

Q: If I squint, I can get it.

[Next week: "The Power of the Written Word"]

Amy Edelstein
Ascent Copywriting

Kevin Lee, CEO

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~~~High Rankings Forum Thread of the Week~~~

++Is Google Just Ensuring Its Revenue Stream?++


~~~Advisor Wrap-up~~~

That's it for today!

We had a nice couple of days in DC earlier this week.  Visited a few
museums and made sure Corie got off to the right place for her
Leadership forum.  Next week is the SES NYC conference, so I'll be
skipping the newsletter altogether.  If you're there, I'll be there
mostly on Tuesday, so please stop by and say "hi"!

Catch you in two weeks! - Jill

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