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SEO Website Audit

High Rankings Advisor: SEO Q&A - Issue No. 007

April 17, 2002



*Introductory Comments:
---->   10,000 and Counting!

*Search Engine Marketing:
---->   Google Results Disappearing
---->   Submitting Limited-Time Sites
---->   Figuring out Which Pages are in Inktomi
---->   Getting Framed Sites Listed
---->   Backward Links Disappearing

*This Week's Sponsor:
---->   AltaVista's Web Marketing Services

*Other SEO News:
---->   Search Engine Strategies London
---->   Adding Domains to Lycos InSite Select
---->   Google and Automated Queries
---->   ActDumb

*Advisor Wrap-Up:
---->   Pretending to be a Professional

~~~Introductory Comments~~~

Hey guys, guess what?  The Advisor has passed the 10,000-subscriber
mark this week! Whoo-hoo!  Thank you all for your continuing support.
Keep those email questions and feedback pouring in!

Today I have lots of great search engine optimization questions and
answers for you, plus some interesting search engine news.  So let's
get right to the good stuff! - Jill

~~~Search Engine Marketing Issues~~~

+++Google Results Disappearing+++

John A. Robb []

Hello Jill,

I received my High Rankings newsletter today.  Enjoyed it as usual.  I
experienced an odd situation today that I am wondering if you can shed
some light on.

I've revamped a site I maintain for alumni of a youth program I
participated in many years ago :-)  I have been tweaking here and
there with the aim of improving rankings and relevancy.  It seems to
be working.  But here is the odd thing - for one of my keyword combos
I was delighted to see my placement as number one on Google, I just
love Google.  Then when I did the SAME search a few minutes later my
results were gone!  I was back to the old ranking way down 20 or

It continues to get odd in that when I perform the SAME keyword search
in Yahoo! I get the desired result of being placed at number one!

Do you have any idea why Yahoo!'s Google powered search gives a
different result from the main Google site, and why the results would
be as you expect and then disappear!

Any light you can shed would be appreciated.  Thanks Jill.



+++Jill's Response+++

Hey John,

Yep, I've got some light to shed!

At the time you were doing your searches (last week), Google was right
in the middle of what some SEOs have named the "Google Dance."
[Sorry, I'm not sure who coined this term - if you know who it was,
I'd be interested in hearing from you!]  The dance is the time of
month when Google is updating its entire index.  When it's dancing
it's vacillating between its various databases.  This is why sometimes
you'll see your new optimized site, and other times your old site
info.  The good news is that the high rankings you're seeing are most
likely an omen of what is to come once the index settles down!  Your
position may not be exactly as you saw it during the "dance," but it
will probably be somewhere in the vicinity.  During this time of the
month, you simply have to wait it out and not worry about it too much.
Just be happy in the knowledge that eventually, the fruits of your
labor will pay off!

As to Yahoo!'s Google results (Yahoo! Web Pages), it seems to take
them a bit longer to show Google's latest database.  This too will
eventually get sorted out when the dance is over.  In fact, this week
things have settled down a lot, and most likely the results you're now
seeing are the ones that should stick until the next major update.
It's important to note that Google results can fluctuate at any time
during the month, not just during the dance period; however, these
changes aren't usually as sweeping as the dance changes.  There will
probably come a time when Google's results are constantly in a dance
state, since they have said they hope to reindex many sites more

+++Submitting Limited-Time Sites+++


Hi Jill -

My question is about submitting sites that will only be live for a
limited time.  We are launching a site for a campaign that we are
doing, and we are planning to have the site live for a few weeks
before and after the campaign, so a total of about 6 weeks.  I am
planning to submit the site by paid-inclusion, as I obviously can't
wait for it to be included for free.
But what do I do when the site closes? - I don't want to have all the
search engines still linking to a site that doesn't exist.  How do I
get the site removed quickly from the search engines?

Anna Parikh

+++Jill's Response+++


Sounds like you should simply do pay-per-click (PPC) ads through
Overture and Google AdWords Select.  You don't need to bother with SEO
for short-term marketing, as it's really a long-term proposition.  You
need some quick ads and that's what you'll get with PPC.  Plus, when
your campaign is over, you simply stop.

If you do choose to do some SEO and use the paid-inclusion programs,
you could substitute different URLs to the programs when you're done
with the current site (assuming you have something new in the works!).
This way, the old URLs would be dropped and you could begin promoting
something else!



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for fast URL inclusion, highly qualified traffic, guaranteed freshness
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the pack.  Add enhancements to drive traffic to your most important
pages today! See: <!sd0304/>

+++Figuring out Which Pages are in Inktomi+++

Bernero, Andrew []

Hi Jill - how can you determine if you have multiple pages in Inktomi?
I did a search for "rankwrite" and found only the home page within the
first few pages that I checked. I found the same results from our
company, and was considering joining their paid inclusion program, but
it wouldn't seem worth it if AOL only includes 1 url per domain.

Andy Bernero

+++Jill's Response+++

Hi Andy,

That Inktomi is tricky to check, isn't it?  Last week when I was
checking the number of pages Ink had listed for Rank Write, it
appeared as if they had only two pages of RankWrite indexed!   (It
actually had hundreds.)  Unfortunately, you can't simply type your URL
into an Inktomi-based engine and count on accurate results.  The good
news is that my friend Alan Perkins has a nifty tool here
<> which can check this
for you.  Just click the HotBot box for Inktomi results.  You can also
check the number of your pages on other engines with this while you're
at it.

Hope this helps!

+++Getting Framed Sites Listed+++

Jane Muha []


I am new to web sites creations.  I recently had a friend of mine help
me write two web sites. She is a developer and I trusted her, however,
she wrote my sites with frames.  Am I doomed to not getting indexed in
the search engines?  To my dismay I found out later that just because
people "develop" for a living doesn't mean they know anything about
writing a search engine friendly web site. Any help would be


+++Jill's Response+++

Hi Jane,

You'd be surprised how many Web site developers know nothing about
search engine optimization.  If not created properly, framed sites are
indeed difficult to obtain high rankings with.  However, they can be
indexed if you know a few simple tricks.  Please read my article on
this subject here: </framedsite.htm>.

+++Backward Links Disappearing +++

Mark Goodman []

Hi Jill

I have been reading your excellent articles with great interest.  I
have installed the Google toolbar and have been looking at backwards

Our site is getting over 500 visitors per day, and I know that it is
listed on a fair few site including some of my own.  However the
Google backward links toolbar says that it cannot find any links?

Typing just [Our Company URL] into Google gives a lot of results.  I
am confused as to why this is and have noticed it on some other sites
we run. Can you shed any light on what am I doing wrong?

Any help gratefully received.

Best regards,

Mark Goodman
Accomplish Web Design

+++Jill's Response+++

Hi Mark,

Lately, it appears that those who own a number of sites on similar
topics are running into problems like yours.  Many people have created
multiple domains for just one company in hopes of having an added
presence on the Internet, and specifically within the search engines.
Google has been cracking down on this type of thing, and has been
experimenting with some automatic filters to sniff them out.  Those
sites that appear to be inflating their search engine presence this
way are often ending up with problems such as the ones you're
describing.  Is it possible that this is what's happening in your

~~~Other SEO News~~~

+++Search Engine Strategies London Conference+++

The Search Engine Strategies conference will be held in London on
April 23 & 24 at the Covent Garden Exhibition Centre / New Connaught
Rooms. The conference Web site has more details and can be found here:

I'll be speaking there with my former Rank Write partner, Heather
Lloyd-Martin, about writing for the search engines.  Hope to see you

+++Adding Domains to Lycos InSite Select+++

If you want to submit multiple domain URLs to the Lycos InSite Select
program, but haven't figured out how, I've got the inside scoop for

There are two ways you can add additional domain URLs.  When you first
sign up, you can choose "Advanced Submission" and simply add the
multiple URLs you want listed.  However, if you want to add a specific
URL to an existing InSite account, here are the instructions, as sent
to me from the Lycos Customer Service Department:

1) Log into your InSite Account.

2) Click on the link labeled "View Site Details."

3) Click on "Edit existing page URLs" and type in the new URL(s).

4) Submit the form, and the URL will be associated with your account.

5) Go to the "Change number of spidered pages" to correct the number
URLs.  Continue on through the process until you process the payment
for the additional URLs.  You will be charged $12 per page.

Please note that by adding URLs to an existing InSite account, in
actuality you are canceling your original subscription.  Your InSite
account is credited for the dollar amount of the unused portion of the
original account.  Then when you process payment after adding the new
URLs, you are then actually charged for the new dollar amount.  The
credit that you have in your account is applied.  You will not be
charged twice for the $18 yearly fee or be charged twice for listing
the original URL(s).

I plan on trying it later today or tomorrow.  Hopefully all will go

+++Google and Automated Queries+++

Remember a few weeks ago
<> when we discussed
Google's not allowing automated queries such as those produced by
WebPosition Gold's Reporter function?  Here's an interesting article
at C|Net on this topic: <>.


Last week I gave you my negative opinion on LookSmart and their new
change-the-rules-in-the-middle-of-the-game business model.  As time
passes, things are looking even worse than I had originally thought.
If you've checked your LookSmart accounts, you may find that you'll
use up your *free* clicks within a few days or weeks, and would have
to pay thousands of dollars a month just to maintain the clicks you
were previously getting.  Thanks for the "upgrade," LookSmart.  Rather
than talking about them again (and because I really don't feel like
setting my blood a-boil), I'll just direct you to this anonymous
satirical letter from "ActDumb":
<>.  No, I didn't
write it, but I wish I had; it's right on the mark!

~~~Advisor Wrap-Up~~~

What a great response to my review of Andrew Goodman's Google AdWords
Select special report last week!  (See
<> if you missed it.)
If you purchased the report and are testing out Andrew's tips, please
let me know how it works for you.  Like I said last week, it was
definitely helpful to me, so I'm curious to find out if you were able
to get similar great results.  I know that Andrew has had a lot of
good feedback on it himself.  He's also working on updates to the
report as he learns more himself.  The link to purchase it is here:
<>, and again, that IS an
affiliate link, just so you know!

I'm afraid that unless you'll be in London next week, you're gonna
have to live without me until May 1st.  I have no idea whether I'll
have any Internet connectivity while I'm there, so I don't plan on
sending out the Advisor next week.  (Yeah, yeah...I know, even if I
did have connectivity I wouldn't be doing the newsletter because I'll
probably be too hung over...but can't I at least pretend to be
professional once in awhile?)

Have a good one; I'll catch you in May!

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