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High Rankings Advisor 195

April 17, 2007

I have 2 quick announcements today, and then on to the good stuff…

First, we’ve extended the early-bird registration for our SEMNE “Blogging
and Search Marketing”
event to be held in North Hartford on May 2, 2007 from
6:30 PM - 9:00 PM.  The cost of registration is $35 if you sign up by this
Friday, April 20, and it includes dinner!  It will be $45 after that date.
As always, the event is free for SEMNE members.  We’d like to get a good
idea of how many will be attending, so please register as soon as possible
if you’re interested.  We’re looking forward to Stephen Turcotte’s
presentation, as well as tons of time to network with fellow search engine

You can learn more about SEMNE here.

Second, our Denver, CO High Rankings search marketing seminar is going to be
held June 28-29 at the Qwest Learning and Conference Center.  I hear it’s
beautiful in Denver that time of year, and hope you will join us for 2 days
of SEO/SEM learning and fun!

In case you’re not convinced yet to attend, here’s what a participant from
our Minneapolis seminar had to say last month:

“Thanks for a great seminar! The whole experience was excellent. I
appreciated the quality material/information that was presented as well as
the one-on-one interaction with the speakers (you were all so down-to-earth
and ‘real’) — what a great learning environment.  I hope to attend another
one of your seminars in the future.”

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