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High Rankings Advisor 191

February 28, 2007

Hey everyone!


The High Rankings Seminar in Minneapolis on March 15-16 is fast approaching
and seats are filling up fast.  We knew this would be a popular location, so
we’ve made sure that we can accommodate slightly more than usual.  If you’ve
been thinking of joining in on the fun, now’s the time to do it.  The forum discount of 25% off still applies, so be sure to use the discount code of FORUM and provide your forum username when you register for the seminar.


It looks like we have a great group of folks coming to this one, so please
don’t miss out!


On another note, the 15-minute SEO tele-clinics have been going along nicely for
the past few weeks.  In an effort to cut out some of the administrative
scheduling and invoicing work, I’ve set up an automatic order form here.  If you’d like 15
minutes of my time to briefly review your site with an eye towards SEO,
please sign up at that form.  The introductory price of $150 is still in

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February 28, 2007
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February 28, 2007
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