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International SEM

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Targeting Different Countries

April 7, 2010
As a long-term subscriber I would like to ask for your advice concerning optimisation of an e-commerce site for multiple countries. Read More >>

SEO for a Swiss Site

September 2, 2009
I have a corporate client that is planning to purchase a company in Switzerland and they are wondering if I can do the SEO. But then it dawned on me, checking their rankings with a U.S.-based IP address might deliver different search results…do you think? Read More >>

Where Your Site Is Hosted

October 2, 2007
I wonder if you can help me. We have a website in New Zealand and it is hosted here too. We are expanding our business to Australia and building a new website for this. My web company has said that the new site should be hosted in Australia as we would get a good start with Do you agree with this? Does Google take into account where your site is hosted for rankings? Read More >>

Translation of PPC Campaigns from English to Russian

April 25, 2007
Forum member "Sarah" tells the group how one of her clients wants them to set up a new PPC campaign for them in English, Russian, and French, and she's looking for some direction with it. Read More >>