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9 Websites on 1 Server

April 9, 2008

Dear Jill,


Here is the scenario: I had a Virtual Private Server (VPS) with 9 websites on it that were all interlinked. It worked great for awhile. Then in Nov. 2004, Google did a big adjustment, and all 9 of my sites dropped out of sight.


My question: Do you think my 9 sites were red flagged, or was it my VPS and any websites hosted on it?






++Jill's Response++


Hi Robert,


In general, the hosting company shouldn't make a difference. It would be very rare for it to cause a problem, and if it did, it would be mostly due to the host having a lot of downtime, making the website inaccessible.


While it's hard to say for sure, the fact that 9 sites were interlinked on the same server probably made it appear spammy, as if there was only 1 owner "voting" for all his own websites. Since Google counts links as votes, it wants to count only real votes, not fake ones.

But that's really just a guess; it would take some in-depth research to determine the exact cause. There are often technical reasons that can be uncovered with a bit of digging.





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 Alex said:
can you describe the "digging" process?
Without a doubt, 9 sites on a server linking into each other is asking for trouble. To be quite honest here is what I do, I always think of search engines as my business and if someone was trying to trick me in my business by doing things I thought was wrong that would get me very upset, so, think about it again????? "9 sites on a server linking into each other"