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Competitor Running PPC Ads on My Brand Name - Advanced Forum Thread of the Week

September 2, 2009
What's your take on competitors who run paid search campaigns using your brand name as trigger words?

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Competitor Running PPC Ads on My Brand Name
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 Kevin said:
"trigger" is the key phrase here.

Broad match can "trigger" on a competitor much easier than exact match can. Thus your ad could appear on the competition with out really biding on it. Considering many companies have the product or service they have included in the name it's a case by case call for me.

If you exact matched on a competitors name for the sole purpose of bidding on on their brand then you are "boarder line shady".

The bigger companies with brand awareness shouldn't do it because if anyone is looking specifically for a brand (say Nike) the a competitor ad (say Reebock) is not likely going convert - branding is all you get.

If you are small nobody who no one has heard of, then maybe you take a stab at this tactic until you get your brand built up.