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Yes, [Toolbar] PageRank Means Nothing!

February 6, 2008

There's a good thread in the forum from member "fishermack" explaining why toolbar PageRank is not an effective measurement for website traffic and sales.


See what other forum members answered, and share your own response here.

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 Brandon said:
Is it just me, or am I missing the link to the thread ?
 Jill said:
It's just you...the "here" is the link...perhaps I should bold those if they're not that visible on some browsers.
 Andres Paredes said:
I agree,

I´ve been doing SEO in Quito - Ecuador for a couple o months and some of my sites have a PR4 , and some new sites have non but get in the second, and third positions in searches.
 Jim McNelis said:
PageRank means alot...even that silly Toolbar PageRank. If I came to your site and you had na/10 or 0/10 TB PR, I would continue on and not do business on your website. It's a little credibility on the net. So yes, it means something.

Secondly, If you were penalized that much ( 5 point drop?) on the TB PR than you have done something to effect that....PageRank doesn't just disappear. You may be showing up in SERPS but I wouldn't just shrug that change in TB PR off as nothing....that would be naive.
 Jill said:
Jim, if you won't do business on a site because they appear to have no PageRank, in my opinion, you are being very, very silly. Thankfully, most "regular" people don't even look at PR or have the toolbar turned on, so they don't pay it any mind.
 Jim McNelis said:
I consider myself informed, not silly. Toolbar PageRank is based on real PageRank...guess that doesn't 'matter' either.
 Jill said:
If that wear true I'd agree with you but unfortunately it's not.
 Jim McNelis said:
But it is:
 Peter A. said:
I dont agree, check this: