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Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

February 13, 2013
I spent some time this week enhancing the High Rankings Forum. I consolidated, eliminated, and moved around some categories to be more in line with how search marketing works in 2013. I also enabled a new function where the original poster (and the moderators) can mark a question as solved. This will move the "best answer" to the top for easy viewing by all users. Check it out and let me know what you think of these changes!

++Can You Help Decipher This Error Message in Google Analytics?++

Forum member "kslnor" recently noticed an error message in Google Analytics saying that there was a problem in the setup causing the In-Page Analytics to not load properly. "Kslnor" thought everything was set up properly and was hoping others may know what was incorrect.

See what other forum members thought and provide your own comments here.