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HRA 351: When Websites Don't Provide What They Say They Will

February 13, 2013
Hey everyone!

Continuing on with expanding on my 18 SEO Killers for 2013 and Beyond series, today I'm providing more information on the types of sites I dubbed Merry-Go-Round Sites back when the first Panda hit in 2011. Basically, they're sites that don't quite provide what they say they will, so you end up going 'round and 'round in circles as you look for it. You'll find more information in this article as well as how to ensure that your site doesn't fall into that category.

Let's get straight to it! - Jill
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Merry-Go-Round Sites

February 13, 2013
With the introduction of the Panda filter by Google (originally dubbed "Farmer") in February 2011, one commonality of sites that were hit was what I called merry-go-round sites. Read More >>

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HRA 351: Wrap-up

February 13, 2013
That's all for today!