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HRA 337: Do You Have Unnatural Links?

July 25, 2012
Before I get to the good stuff, could I trouble you to take 10 seconds out of your day to cast a vote for me in the Small Business Influencers Awards where I was nominated?

All you have to do is click the "Vote" button. There's no signing in or signing up or giving out your email or your firstborn child. Just a quick click and you're done! If you've found the SEO information I've provided you through the years to be valuable, then I'd certainly appreciate the vote! You can vote once each day until it's over, so please keep that in mind as well! Even just 1 vote from each of you HRA subscribers would put me at around 24K votes :-) And if you have an extra 30 seconds, please feel free to leave a comment there as well!

With that self-promotional begging out of the way...we can now get straight to the good stuff! - Jill
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What to Do If You Receive an Unnatural Linking Message From Google

July 25, 2012
As you know, I've been reviewing tons of websites that have lost Google traffic lately. Most of the reasons that the sites lost favor with Google have been fairly obvious (to me)--especially the sites that have seen steep declines. Most of the reasons include any combination of... Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

July 25, 2012
What Constitues Being an Authority Website?

HRA 337: Wrap-up

July 25, 2012
That's all for today!