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HRA 334: Dare to Be Different

June 13, 2012
Hey everyone!

To get ahead in Google, you have to dare to be different. Today's posts will give you some ideas of how to do that.

Also, remember to sign up for the free webinar called "How Correcting 3 Common Copywriting Mistakes Increased Sales 86%" being given by Karon Thackston and hosted by yours truly! It's this Thursday, June 14, 2012, 3 pm to 4 pm EDT.

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Getting Ahead in Google: Dare to Be Different

June 13, 2012
I recently did a site audit for a client who was wondering why they were having a hard time showing up in Google. When I read through the information they sent me and took a quick look at their website, it was obvious to me what the problem was: They simply didn't deserve to be there. Let me explain... Read More >>

High Rankings Question of the Week

June 13, 2012
How do you get ahead in Google when selling the same products as a zillion other sites? Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

June 13, 2012
Google's # of Indexed Pages Larger Than Expected? Read More >>

HRA 334: Wrap-up

June 13, 2012
That's all for today!