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HRA 329: The Dreaded (Not Provided) Keywords

April 4, 2012
Hey everyone!

Since you last heard from me, I've been very busy tweaking the new High Rankings Forum software as well as that on the new Custom Report Sharing site. Both still have a few bugs, but are coming along nicely.

Today's post is about an important SEO issue affecting anyone who reviews and uses their keyword data to take action on their website, so please read onů - Jill
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Measuring Natural Keyword Traffic in the Age of (Not Provided) Secure Search

April 4, 2012
What does Google expect honest search marketers to do when we can no longer accurately report the natural keyword segmentation of traffic? Read More >>

High Rankings Question of the Week

April 4, 2012
What (if anything) are you doing to mitigate the loss of KW data due to the dreaded "Not Provided"? Read More >>

Advanced SEO Forum Thread of the Week

April 4, 2012
Google Keywords Not Reporting Jumped in March

HRA 329: Wrap-up

April 4, 2012
That's all for today!