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HRA 311: Newbie SEO Questions

July 27, 2011
Hey everyone!

Remember when you first heard about SEO and were trying to figure out how to apply it to your site? Or perhaps you're still at that stage. Either way, I hope you like today's article, which is in response to a business owner in just that predicament.

Also, I wanted to mention the 2011 Small Business Influencer contest that's going on at the moment. They've nominated a number of online marketers and have opened the voting up to the general public. One of those nominated is Lisa Barone, the Chief Branding Office over at Outspoken Media. Lisa is an extremely talented writer who has a great, commonsense grasp of all facets of online marketing. In fact, she's one of the select few bloggers whom I read on a fairly regular basis. If you enjoy good writing and want to learn more about online marketing than you get in your bi-weekly dose of the High Rankings Advisor, I highly recommend reading Lisa's work. If you like what you read there, please take 5 seconds to vote for her in the contest.

It's a one-click process, and you can come back each day to vote again. She's doing really well so far in her category, but let's see what the help of you 25,000 HRA subscribers can do to push her up even further!

With that out of the way, let's get to the good stuff! -- Jill
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