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HRA 310: Using Blog Categories and Tags

July 13, 2011
Hey everyone! I got off easy this week as I tricked my friend Dianna Huff into writing this week's search marketing article. Okay, I didn't really trick her. In fact, she volunteered willingly. The woman has more energy than anyone I know. So while she spent her weekend writing the article you're about to read, I spent mine pimping out my Google+ profile.

And speaking of Google+, are you on there yet? Do you like it? If you'd like an invite, let me know. If they're still open, I'll be happy to send you one. I'm sure I'll be writing about my experience with G+ in an upcoming HRA newsletter as well.

In the meantime, let's get straight to the good stuff! – Jill
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Help People Find Your Blog Content with Categories and Tags

July 13, 2011
Today's feature article is a guest post from my friend and B2B marketing consultant Dianna Huff. If you're a B2B company in need of online content writing and marketing, you'll be in good hands with Dianna! In addition, she’s also hosting local, low cost, lunch time web marketing seminars in the MA-NH Merrimack Valley area. Read More >>

Twitter Question of the Week

July 13, 2011
What's your best use of blog categories and tags? Read More >>

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That's all for today!