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HRA 303: Useless SEO Tactics

April 6, 2011
Hey everyone!

Like most of my articles, today's was inspired by the numerous site reviews and discussions I have with clients in the course of any given week. While I don't expect these folks to have a high level of SEO skills and knowledge (that's why they're consulting with me), many of them believe they've got a good start with SEO. It's worrisome when they explain to me how they've implemented a number of SEO tactics on their sites, but when I start to review them I see no evidence of it! Unfortunately, this is the plague of our industry, with many charlatans touting and teaching outdated and simply out-and-out wrong SEO strategies.

My hope is that today's article will help you to stop wasting your time and energy on SEO techniques that will not provide you with the search engine rankings and targeted Google traffic that you need, and instead focus on those that will really move the search engine needle.

Enjoy! Jill
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HRA 303: Wrap-up

April 6, 2011
That's all for today!