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HRA 295: Back to Basics

December 1, 2010
Hey everyone!

Are you ready to learn how to research keywords? If so, then read on now...

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Back to SEO Basics With Keyword Research

December 1, 2010
Today's article focuses on your first line of SEO defense -- keyword research. Optimizing for the wrong keywords -- either those that are not truly relevant to what your business offers or those that aren't being used by searchers -- will have the dire consequence of making you think that SEO is mythical marketing magic that doesn't work. Read More >>

Twitter Question of the Week

December 1, 2010
What's the most difficult/frustrating part of keyword research in your opinion? Read More >>

Advanced Forum Thread of the Week

December 1, 2010
Google Is Reindexing Old Redirected URLs

HRA 295: Wrap-up

December 1, 2010
That's all for today!