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HRA 264 - SEO Q&A Email Bonanza Issue

September 2, 2009
Hey everyone! It's time once again for an SEO Q&A email bonanza.
Enjoy! – Jill
Jill Whalen is the CEO of High Rankings, a Boston SEO Services company.

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SERP Description

September 2, 2009
I've been asked to provide some info on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP) description of my site, and how to manage it. Read More >>

Adjusting Domains

September 2, 2009
My plan is to move all the home decor products from the old site to the new one AND change the products of the old one back to selling the jewelry, perfume, wallets, etc. – that is, the "gifty" stuff. What is the best way to make this change? Read More >>

SEO for a Swiss Site

September 2, 2009
I have a corporate client that is planning to purchase a company in Switzerland and they are wondering if I can do the SEO. But then it dawned on me, checking their rankings with a U.S.-based IP address might deliver different search results…do you think? Read More >>

Any Good SEO Books?

September 2, 2009
I am new to SEO. I am writing my first website and would like to get a better understanding of building a great website that will attract my target market to my site. Can you suggest any good books that can help me achieve this goal? Read More >>

Do you give ballpark SEO quotes...?

September 2, 2009
The Twitter Question of the Week is: "Do you give 'ballpark' SEO quotes to companies if/when they won't tell you what the website is? It's kinda necessary, no?" Read More >>

BlindSearch - Search Engine Taste Test - Stuff You Might Like

September 2, 2009
Have you seen "BlindSearch" yet? It's a page with Google, Bing and Yahoo search all together, but with no branding. You make a search, see three sets of results and choose the one you feel provided the best results. Read More >>

Competitor Running PPC Ads on My Brand Name - Advanced Forum Thread of the Week

September 2, 2009
What's your take on competitors who run paid search campaigns using your brand name as trigger words? Read More >>

HRA Wrap-up 264

September 2, 2009
It's been a few weeks with the "full nest" at home and I have to say that it hasn't been too bad other than the sinkful of glasses. Read More >>