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SEO Website Audit

HRA 245

December 3, 2008
Hey everyone!

I hope all of our American friends enjoyed their Thanksgiving and the resulting time off. I had a good mixture of family, food, drinks, Twitter and even a little catching up on work-related things. In fact, I got our new website marketing workshop info and registration all up and running.

I do like being back in the office though, especially when it's newsletter week and I get to provide you with more great SEO info and advice.

So let's get straight to it! Jill
Jill Whalen is the CEO of High Rankings, a Boston SEO Agency.

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A Common Pitfall for E-commerce Home Pages

December 3, 2008
As president of the Karon Thackston fan club <grin> I'm pleased to present another guest article from her about avoiding a common copywriting pitfall. I also wanted to let you know that she has agreed to teach our half-day copywriting workshop on April 2, 2009. Read More >>

When Should Site Sections Be Separate Sites?

December 3, 2008
"I'm just about to launch a new site. It should really be 3 sites but the client talked me into making it one or the deal was off. It's for private sales of cars, property and boats. It also has a business directory for each section. The sections are in subdirectories rather than domains for easy maintenance." Read More >>

Articles and Interviews - Stuff You Might Like

December 3, 2008
I wanted to point you to my last couple of articles over at Search Engine Land in case you missed them. Read More >>

"How to Viral Market" Webinar - Stuff You Might Like

December 3, 2008
The folks at MarketingSherpa have been busy! They are hosting a webinar training event around their new "How to Viral Market" toolkit.


HRA 245 Wrap-up - Pompano Plans

December 3, 2008
We made our travel plans for Pompano, FL for the week of Xmas to visit my grandmother again. (For those keeping count, she's 100 years old.) I'll be in that area from Monday to Friday of that week, so if you live around there or are visiting, let me know and we can try to plan some sort of meet-up.