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HRA 240

September 23, 2008
Hey all! No Q&A today, just an article on an SEO topic that has been on my mind lately.

Enjoy! Jill
Jill Whalen is the CEO of High Rankings, a Boston SEO Services company.

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SEO Is Not a Last-Ditch Effort

September 23, 2008
Sales are down for many businesses due to the slow economy. Business owners and CEOs are looking for that one thing that can pull them through the hard times and keep them afloat. When times get tough, many turn to SEO, hoping that it will be the ticket to increased sales. While SEO is almost always a good idea, if you're counting on it to save a failing business, you may want to rethink things. Read More >>

There IS Such Thing as a Free (SEO) Lunch!

September 23, 2008
Once again, there IS such a thing as a free lunch and it's happening on November 7, 2008 at the High Rankings office in Framingham, MA. Read More >>

Newbie Web Designer Needs Direction

September 23, 2008
Forum member "wonder371" is wondering which software products and programming languages would be the best for him as he embarks on his new career as a website designer. Read More >>

Advisor Wrap-up: Good Times With Others

September 23, 2008
So let's see, what has happened since the last newsletter? The September SEO Training Class went very well as usual, so now it's time to gear up for October's. Read More >>