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HRA 239

September 10, 2008
Hey everyone!

The big news over the past few weeks was the release of Google's new browser called "Chrome." At first, I was not going to bother trying it because I am very pleased with Firefox and all my customized extensions. But, alas, I got sucked in after reading about it in Google's comic book as well as in Matt Cutts' blog.
Somehow they made it sound cool enough for me to download and try. In all honesty, it's definitely not a Firefox killer. Currently there are very few customizations and settings you can change, and that simply made me crazy.

I'll give it another try next year if/when they make it customizable. But for now, I'm stickin' with my Firefox all the way! As an aside, I haven't tried the new IE yet because I haven't used IE in many years. I've heard it has many similarities with Chrome. I doubt I'll be comparing them any time soon, however.

And speaking of browsers, something much cooler than Chrome came out recently. It's a Firefox experimental add-on called "Ubiquity." It's not for everyone because it's text-based and kinda geeky. But if you're a total geek like me, you might want to give it a try. Check it out here.

Enough about's time for the good stuff! – Jill
Jill Whalen is the CEO of High Rankings, a Boston SEO Agency.

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