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High Rankings Advisor 236

July 30, 2008
Hey everyone!

It sure is quiet around town lately. I think most of the U.S. must be on vacation. For those of you still plodding along, enjoy the newsletter! Jill
Jill Whalen is the CEO of High Rankings, a Boston SEO Consulting Agency.

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Understanding Your Conversion Rates

July 30, 2008
The question is a rather odd one: "What's your conversion rate?" The correct response would be another question: "Which conversion rate?" What most people are really asking is how many sales have you made? But the sales process in almost all cases takes more than one step. Read More >>

Offer Expiring 7/31 on B2B Lead Gen Book

July 30, 2008
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Using the NoScript Tag

July 30, 2008
Forum member "Webstream" wonders if it's okay to use the "noscript" tag as a place for links and text on a site that is all Flash and images. Read More >>

HRA Wrap-up 236

July 30, 2008
Holy smokes...I just realized July is nearly over. Besides the fact that time is slipping by way faster than usual, the 31st of July also means that the High Rankings Forum is now 5 years old! Read More >>