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High Rankings Advisor 232

May 28, 2008
Hey everyone! I've got a jam-packed issue today, so let's get straight to it. Jill
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Will Linkbait Ruin the Internet?

May 28, 2008
When the term "linkbait" first appeared on the search marketing scene a few years ago, I wasn't too keen on it because it has a lot of negative connotations. In fishing, bait is not really a good thing (to the fish). One minute the fish thinks he's going to have a tasty meal, and the next minute he IS the tasty meal! Works out nicely for the fisherman, however. Read More >>

Review of Advanced SEO Course from SEMPO Institute

May 28, 2008
Today. Here are some thoughts on another one of SEMPO's online training courses. Enjoy! Jill Read More >>

Updated Nitty-gritty Guide

May 28, 2008
Just wanted to let you know that I've finally updated my "Nitty-gritty Guide of Writing for the Search Engines"! Read More >>

How Do I Redirect HTTPS to HTTP on My Site? - Advanced Forum Thread of the Week

May 28, 2008
Forum member "chrisjum" is wondering what the code is to redirect the HTTPS version of his website to the HTTP version. Read More >>

HRA Wrap-up 232

May 28, 2008
We're planning an "SEO Luncheon" on July 18 from noon to 1:30PM here at High Rankings headquarters in Framingham, MA. Read More >>