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High Rankings Advisor 229

April 23, 2008
Hey, everyone! Today we have an SEO Q&A and a guest article on the Google AdWords quality score, plus a few other goodies. Let's get straight to it! – Jill
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Same Tags and Keywords But No High Rankings

April 23, 2008
If I have the same title tags and keywords as the company listed first in Google, Yahoo, etc., why don't I get a high ranking? Read More >>

Getting to Grips with the AdWords Quality Score

April 23, 2008
Today’s guest article is written by Dave Collins, from UK-based SharewarePromotions Ltd. I really liked because it shows a similar philosophy to that of High Rankings (i.e., create good stuff and good stuff will happen!). Read More >>

High Rankings Search Marketing Training Videos

April 23, 2008
We videotaped 8 search marketing training sessions and compiled them into a 4-DVD set. All of the sessions are taught by recognized experts who work in the search marketing trenches every day. Read More >>

Creating Terrific Title Tags

April 23, 2008
Read the third installment of my "Avoiding SEO Brain Freeze" series at TalentZoo. Read More >>

Advanced SEO High Rankings Forum Thread of the Week

April 23, 2008
Forum member "Christopher" is looking for help to improve his checkout conversions. Read More >>

HRA Wrap-up 229

April 23, 2008
The April SEO training class went off without a hitch and turned out to be another fun and interesting group. It's really nice having just 6 people in each class because then we all get to know each other a bit during the day. Can't wait to meet the May folks in a few weeks! Read More >>