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High Rankings Advisor 227

March 26, 2008

Hey everyone!


Today we have a guest article from everyone's favorite copywriting expert, Karon Thackston, on why being consistent is the key to your PPC conversions. There are also a few good links in the "Stuff You Might Like" section, as well as some really great forum threads in our Advanced SEO section.


Let's get straight to it! - Jill

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Consistency Is Key in the PPC Conversion Process

March 26, 2008
Let me enlighten you about something you might not have considered. Ultimate conversions from pay-per-click (PPC) ads come from a process, not a single event. Oftentimes, online marketers focus on the effects of PPC copywriting and the clickthrough rate it achieves. That clickthrough rate is thought of as the end-all, be-all for the campaign. But the overall goal of PPC copywriting is not to get people to click. Clicking a PPC ad is merely step one. The ultimate goal is to get visitors to take action once they reach your site. Read More >>

Avoiding SEO Brain Freeze Series

March 26, 2008
If you're looking for an organized SEO method that won't confuse you, you may want to check out my recent columns at TalentZoo. I'm writing an series of articles on how to do on-page SEO from start to finish in a step-by-step manner. Read More >>

Save $100 on Google Analytics Training Series - April Class

March 26, 2008
I wanted to give you a heads-up that ROI Revolution is starting their next Google Analytics Training Series on April 10, 2008. As you may remember, our High Rankings SEO associate was trained in Google Analytics through this series. They have been kind enough to continue to offer a $100 discount to any High Rankings Advisor subscribers who wish to attend. Read More >>

Client Responsiveness: How Do You Prod Them Into Action

March 26, 2008
Forum member "lenwood" has provided a client with lots of SEO recommendations that should ultimately increase their search engine traffic. That is, however, if the client would only implement them! Read More >>

Using Nofollow: Good, Bad, or Indifferent?

March 26, 2008
Now that the nofollow link attribute has been around for awhile, and even sanctioned by Google's Matt Cutts for "PageRank Sculpting," forum member "nethy" is wondering what your thoughts are on it. Read More >>

How To Prove ROI with SEO?

March 26, 2008
Forum member "iloveseo2" wonders how one can prove one's return on investment and track conversions with SEO. Read More >>

HRA Wrap-up 227

March 26, 2008
Last week's Search Engine Strategies conference in NYC went really well. The organic SEO session that I spoke at had some interesting questions posed by audience members. I even broke my no-party rule and checked out MSN's party at Slate. It was surprisingly fun for 2 reasons: 1) it wasn't too loud, and 2) they had ping-pong tables! Read More >>