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High Rankings Advisor 218

November 28, 2007

Hey everyone!  Today I’ve got an article about changing your URLs as well as
an awesome review on the new membership site, Market Motive.


Enjoy! - Jill

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Changing URLs

November 28, 2007
I am in the process of changing all my URLs from things like news123.html to OurCompany_Announces_New_CEO.html Read More >>

Market Motive Online Marketing Membership Site

November 28, 2007
Market Motive is a new, subscription-based website which brings together some of the top minds in the Internet marketing world to teach you SEO, Web analytics, PPC, social media, online publicity, and more. Read More >>

Changing Homepage URL

November 28, 2007
For those looking for some advanced SEO info, we have a ton of it in our “Technobabble” area of the forum. There’s tons of great info on dynamic sites, as well as mountains of technical info on redirects, mod_rewrites, etc. Read More >>

Wrap-up 218

November 28, 2007
Next week is WebmasterWorld’s PubCon in Vegas where I’ll be speaking. Read More >>