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High Rankings Advisor 209

August 29, 2007
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Revisited: The Art of SEO

August 29, 2007
Hey everyone! I’m back from vacation and the conference and raring to go. Today’s article is an updated version of one I wrote back in 2004 on the art of SEO. I recently reviewed it and was surprised at how accurate it still is today. I figured there are many of you on the list who never read it the first time around, and for those who did, you’ve probably forgotten it by now. Read More >>

Same Title Tag for Every Page

August 29, 2007
Forum member “SEMMatt” wonders if it’s good or bad that the Title tags on his website are all the same. Read More >>

Should You Include Plurals?

August 29, 2007
Forum member “malhyp” asks if there’s a benefit to using both the singular and plural forms of his/her keyword phrases when optimizing. Read More >>

Advisor Wrap-up 209

August 29, 2007
On the personal front, we had a good time in both Hawaii and San Jose. We got Jamie safely settled in Hawaii, although it was pretty stressful there for awhile. Read More >>