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High Rankings Advisor 207

August 8, 2007
Hey everyone! I've got a fairly long review of Danny Sullivan's new Sphinn site that I hope is helpful to you. Let's get straight to the good stuff! - Jill
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Why Do Sphinners Love SEO Nerds but Hate Pregnancy?

August 7, 2007
Jill takes a look at Danny Sullivan's Digg-like community for the Search Marketing Industry and is surprised to actually like it! Read More >>

Advisor Wrap-up 207

August 8, 2007
As mentioned last time, Iím off to Hawaii next week and San Jose the week after. I have very mixed emotions about this trip in general. On the one hand, things are somewhat slow this time of year, so itís certainly a good time to be out of the office. On the other hand, I love my work and my colleagues, and I am going to miss them for two weeks! Read More >>