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High Rankings Advisor 206

August 1, 2007
I know I said I wasn’t going to do a newsletter this week, but Pauline ended up scoring an interview with Seth Godin regarding the “Squidoo Slap” in Google, and we wanted to get it published ASAP since it’s timely material. I should have a regular newsletter as scheduled for next week. And for the week after that, look for an interview with Andrew Goodman. Pauline caught up with him at the Toronto Search Engine Strategies conference, where she had a chance to sit down with him and have an in-person interview.
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Seth Godin Interview About Squidoo

December 1, 2006
Back in June, Jill and I were front and center at SES Toronto listening to Seth Godin, entrepreneur, best-selling author, and marketing guru. He is as excellent a speaker as he is a writer! Seth delivered a thought-provoking as well as motivational keynote speech, and if you ever get a chance to hear him speak, it is a truly remarkable experience! Read More >>

Supplemental Results? What Supplemental Results?

August 1, 2007
Google has decided to stop labeling pages in their Supplemental Results Index as such, and some webmasters are up in arms over it. Personally, I think it’s smart of them not to differentiate the results anymore, as all it served to do was cause unnecessary grief for people. Read More >>

High Rankings Forum Turns 4-years Old!

August 1, 2007
We’re also running a poll in conjunction with the birthday announcement... Read More >>

Wrap-up 206 - Family Update

August 1, 2007
It’s been pretty dead online the last few weeks as it seems most of the world is on vacation. But that’s been great for those of us still working, and we’ve been able to finally catch up on everything! I’ll take this quiet time to catch you up on the latest family news… Read More >>