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High Rankings Advisor 203

June 20, 2007

Hey all!


Last chance to register for the High Rankings Seminar next week in Denver, CO. We'll be there Thursday and Friday at the Qwest Learning Center (Lakewood). There's still some room left, so if you are in the area or if you think you can get away at the last minute, we'd love to see you there! You can learn more and/or register here.


Also, if you live in the area but can't make it to the actual seminar, you're welcome to join us for a small cocktail reception at the conference center on Thursday night (the 28th) at around 5:30 PM. Please introduce yourself if you do decide to show up!


I can't believe it's happening next week already. June is just flying by. Being out of town most of the month doesn't help, I guess. July should be a little more sedate. Or so it seems at the moment.


Anyway, let's get on to the good stuff. It's forum thread week here, so enjoy! - Jill

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Help and Advice Starting a Business

June 20, 2007

Forum member "siringo" says:


"I'm thinking of starting a blog hosting business. Not web site hosting, blog hosting. People will come to the site, select a blog template they like, I set it up and away they go."


You Can't Fake Real Content

June 20, 2007
We had a very interesting discussion regarding my last Search Engine Land article, "You Can't Fake Real Content." Read More >>

What is the Yardstick to Measure SEO Success?

June 20, 2007

Forum member "DIGITALLYDEFINED" says:


"I see the total number of visitors have increased by approximately 20-30% month by month.  These sites are generating decent sales, but direct users from search engines referrals are really very low.



Article Dos and Don'ts

June 20, 2007
Forum member "1dmf" asks the High Rankings gang: "If you wrote an article/blog, how do you do the links? Read More >>

Purchase Orders - Accept or Not?

June 20, 2007
" I just received my first Purchase Order from a school today ... total surprise, no contact, no note, just a PO for a $60 order. I did a little lookup online and they're legit, I'm sure they pay their bills, I'm sure I'd be ok accepting the PO, but ... errr, not sure I want to set a precedent." Read More >>

Need to See Google Ads in the US, but Live in Canada

June 20, 2007
This was an old, revived thread from January, but has some worthwhile info, so I'm putting it in as a thread of the week. Read More >>