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High Rankings Advisor 200

May 30, 2007
Hey all!

Iím working on this one from an airplane on my way home from Dannyís SMX Advanced.  I wasnít sure how I was going to get this done with everything else going on, but this is when it pays to have prolific friends!  Iíve got 2 guest articles ó both about keywords!  Karonís article explains the best use of keyword phrases, and Lorelleís covers keyword research for PPC.

Donít forget, you can meet and learn from Karon at our upcoming High Rankings Search Marketing Seminar in Denver on July 28-29.  The seminar will be a nice, small group of just 50 or so SEOs and SEMs being taught by the best in the biz.  Along with Karon and her copywriting sessions, weíve got Christine Churchill discussing both PPC and keyword research, Scottie Claiborne discussing both link-building and usability, Jennifer Laycock discussing both social media and viral marketing, Mike Churchill discussing Web analytics, and yours truly discussing SEO-friendly design, the nitty-gritty of writing for the search engines, and how to put everything youíve learned at the seminar all together.

Thereís no other seminar that provides you with such a comprehensive soup-to-nuts SEO/SEM strategy taught by people who do this stuff every day.

Whether you are a search marketing newbie or one with some experience under your belt, we can pretty much guarantee you will get your moneyís worth out of this seminar.

Weíve decided to give you a few more days to save $200 with the early-bird discount by extending it until the end of this weekend (Sunday, June 10th at midnight MST).  Donít miss out! Learn more and register here.
Oh yeah, and we're always looking for seminar sponsors as well. 

Okay, enough self-promo...let's get straight to the good stuff now. - Jill
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Advisor Wrap-up 200

May 30, 2007
That's all for now, folks!