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High Rankings Advisor 198

May 16, 2007
Hey everyone!

Things are falling into place for the High Rankings Seminar in Denver on
June 28-29.  I mentioned last week that Jennifer Laycock has agreed to join
our merry band of SEO/SEM presenters, and we've also added Mike Churchill,
Chief Technical Officer at KeyRelevance, to the agenda.  At KeyRelevance,
Mike's main focus areas are Web analytics, conversion tracking, and
enhancement.  He has a unique blend of technical know-how and marketing
savvy. Mike will be sharing his knowledge on Day 1 of the seminar during his
presentation on Web analytics.

Oh, and I don't think I mentioned before that on Day 2 of the seminar, along
with our usual in-depth presentations, we're also going to be running a
site- review session where each of the attendees can have their sites
scrutinized by our experts.  That alone is worth the price of admission!
(Which, incidentally, you can knock down by 25% if you're a High Rankings
Forum member.  Just use the discount code of FORUM when you register for the

Sign up early, because we have very limited seating in order to keep the class size and training at a very personal level.  I hear Denver is beautiful in June, and I'm looking forward
to heading out there!

I've got some different and interesting High Rankings Forum threads for you
today as well as a new poll from good 'ole Pauline.  You guys have been
great with providing your answers, and we really appreciate that!

Okay, on to the good stuff...
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Pauline's Poll: Name 3 other newsletters you subscribe to

May 16, 2007

Name 3 other newsletters you subscribe to.


Please post your answers here for a chance at a great High Rankings thank-you gift.


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