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High Rankings Advisor 194

April 4, 2007

Hey everyone!


Quick announcement, and then I’ll get straight to the good stuff.  The next
High Rankings seminar is going to be this June 28-29 at the Qwest Learning
and Conference Center in Lakewood, CO (just outside of Denver).  There’s
more info at at the seminar page and registration should
be open by Friday of this week if not sooner. 


Sign up early and save $200!

Plus, as always you can use our 25% discount code of FORUM if you’re a
registered forum member.  Oh, and we have a special EXTRA 5% off if you
register this Friday, April 6.  On that day only, use the discount code of
FORUM1 and you’ll receive 30% off the registration fee!  (You must be a
registered forum member, but you can join for free at the forum.)


We’re looking forward to another great seminar and hope to see you there!

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April 4, 2007
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