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High Rankings Advisor 189

February 14, 2007

Hey everyone!


Good news for you procrastinators out there.  Weíve decided to extend the
$200 early-bird savings for the High Rankings Search Marketing Seminar in
Minneapolis until Feb. 22nd.  So if you were thinking you missed the
deadline, you have a few more days to get registered.  Feb. 22nd (next
Thursday) is the ultimate last date for it, however.  Donít forget that the
early-bird discount savings of $200 is in addition to the 25% you save as a
High Rankings Forum member.  When you combine them both, you are actually
saving nearly $500!


The seminar is shaping up to be a great one, with sign-ups coming in fast
and furiously.  Sign up now so you donít lose your seat! Hereís the link
with more info
.  (To obtain the forum discount, sign up as an HR forum member,
then use the discount code of FORUM when you register for the seminar, and add your forum name where it asks in the registration form.  Thatís all there is to it!)

Okay, letís get straight to the good stuff! - Jill

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