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High Rankings Advisor 187

January 31, 2007
The High Rankings Search Marketing Seminar is right around the corner. Learn why you should attend!
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Landing-page Dilemma

January 31, 2007
I work for a nonprofit retreat center for which our main offerings are (you guessed it) retreat programs. Until recently, whenever we sent out email flyers about our programs, we had the link go directly to the program’s unique page on our website. Our marketing director has been trying to make a case for sending the clicker to the landing page that would then direct the clicker to a list of programs, including the one on which he or she clicked. Read More >>

Redirecting Non-www to www Version

January 31, 2007
I am surprised to see that your own website still has both the www and non-www version in place — no redirect to get the “link juice” from the non-www version. Do you consider this a not so important issue? Both versions have good PR. Read More >>

Meta Tag Includes

January 31, 2007
I have a question relating to Meta tags and the head document. Read More >>

High Rankings Seminar - March 15-16, 2007 in Minneapolis, MN

January 31, 2007
The High Rankings Search Marketing Seminar is right around the corner on March 15-16 in Minneapolis, MN. If you haven’t signed up yet, here are my top 10 reasons why you should register NOW: Read More >>

Confused About Nofollow? So Is Google!

January 31, 2007
Did you know that Google supposedly doesn’t crawl nofollows? My understanding was that they are to be used for untrusted links, not to keep Google’s spider out of places. (There are already tags/attributes for that.) However, Google seems to keep changing what they want to use the nofollow attribute for. Read More >>

Wrap-up 187

January 31, 2007
It’s sure been a busy few weeks around High Rankings headquarters. That’s because we actually finally *have* a headquarters! We just signed the lease for some great office space in Framingham, MA and are slowly moving in this week. It’s very exciting! If anyone would like to send us an office-warming gift [cough…chocolate], the new address is: Read More >>