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High Rankings Advisor 180

October 11, 2006
Hey everyone!

After months of planning, it's nearly here!  The High Rankings® Dallas/Ft.
Worth Search Marketing Seminar is next week, Thursday and Friday the 19-20th
to be exact.  If you didn't register yet, you are still in luck as we do
have some seats left.  You truly will not find a better,
smarter, more common-sense way to learn about SEO and SEM than this seminar.
The most talented folks in search marketing are the teachers, and we are
looking forward to helping you make your site the best it can be for your
visitors and the search engines.

We're also having a cocktail reception at the event on Thursday, Oct. 19th
at 5:30 PM which is open to the public, if you happen to be in the area but
can't make it to the seminar.  We'll be at the American Airlines Training
and Conference Center in Dallas/Ft. Worth -- hope to see you there.

Oh, and we welcome ClickTracks back as a sponsor of the event!

Okay...on to the good stuff! - Jill
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